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Today we are sharing a guest blog from a member of the Children’s Commissioner’s office discussing her experience of dyslexia in the workplace:

Ever felt like your unique way of looking at things sets you apart? That’s because it does! Having dyslexia might present its challenges, but those challenges don’t define your abilities. Let me share my own experience with you and give some advice on how to thrive in the workplace.

As someone who is care experienced and diagnosed with dyslexia, I was worried about the barriers it may cause however with the correct support and advice I was able to land my dream job now working at the Children’s Commissioner’s office as a Policy Advisor working to help support children and young people across the UK.

First things first, dyslexia is a neurological condition that affects reading, writing, and spelling. But it doesn’t mean you’re any less smart! In fact, 6.3 million people (around 10% of the UK population) have dyslexia. Many people with dyslexia are super creative and amazing problem solvers.

I found out about my dyslexia when I was 17, and trust me, navigating college and university wasn’t always a walk in the park. But with the support of my teachers, I learned some cool tricks and tips. Now, in the workplace, it’s important to speak up. Tell your manager about your dyslexia and how it might affect your work. You’d be surprised how understanding and helpful they can be. I talked to a specialist who totally got my challenges, and my workplace made adjustments to help me out.

My role often includes reading a lot of reports, doing research, and writing up policy recommendations all things I thought would be challenging with dyslexia. However, I have great technology to make writing and processing information easier, plus some extra time for deadlines. And if I need a quiet space to work, that’s totally okay too, sitting on my own helps me concentrate better when I’m doing lots of reading. Your employers are there to help you shine, just like everyone else. They have a legal responsibility to make the reasonable adjustments that will let you carry out your roles.

Remember, dyslexia does not limit your potential. With the right support and a positive mindset, you can conquer any challenge. Embrace the cool tools out there, ask for help when you need it, and keep learning. Your unique perspective is a superpower that can make a real difference. You got this!

The British Dyslexia Association have compiled useful resources and advice on navigating the workplace with dyslexia – find out more here.

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