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Today, we mark Remembrance Day and commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women. This year’s commemoration will be particularly poignant following so closely on the death of Her Majesty the Queen, who was a living connection to World War Two for so many. 

There are some 120,000 children and young people in the Cadet Forces, who are a very visible part of the commemorations. Each year, the success of the national Poppy Appeal, as well as Remembrance Sunday services around the country, rely on their time and energy. Thank you to them and many other young people for their contribution. 

On Remembrance Day, it’s crucial to also acknowledge that the families and children of service personnel make considerable sacrifices. As one girl said in The Big Ask last year: 

‘My dad could see me more when he is in the army maybe.’ – Girl, age not given. 

That’s why Part 2 of my Family Review will include research into military families and how the unique impact of service on family life. I want to see the protective effect of family working for them and public services that meet the needs of those who live a life of service. 

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