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This week, many thousands of young people will be receiving their A Level, T Level, and vocational results. It’s an incredibly exciting time. Many of you will be waiting for results day to confirm whether you’ll be taking up an apprenticeship or going off to university this year. 

Children have consistently told me how much jobs and skills matter to them. Young people across the length and breadth of the country tell me all the time that having a good job is a top priority for their future. Children and young people have shown me that they are aspirational and ambitious. I know that your results day is a big moment as it will help to shape your next steps. 

As a former teacher and headteacher, I know how wonderful results day can be. I’ve been fortunate enough to share in the celebrations of former students as they’ve opened their results and confirmed that they’ve gotten on to the course they wanted. However, I’ve also been there to help former students who perhaps didn’t get the grades they wanted. 

If your grades on results day aren’t quite what you hoped for, that’s okay. While missing out on your preferred destination may be overwhelming, please know that there are so many different routes available. Results day is just the start of your journey.  

There are many exciting options available to you if your plans change based on the results you get. If you need to change your plans, following results day, you should visit the UCAS website. If you want to go to university but miss out on your first choice, UCAS clearing could help you get onto a great course. If you’d rather do an apprenticeship, there are many great options available on the UCAS Career Finder website. 

If you need to take a different route, you can talk through your exam results and get careers advice by calling the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900. 

I know that you all have such incredibly bright futures ahead. I hope that you take everything you’ve learnt over these last couple of years and use it to pursue a subject or trade that you really love.  

I wish each and every one of you the utmost success for Thursday. I know that you have worked incredibly hard and hope that your studying pays off.

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