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We have spoken to Michael, 5 and Indie, 14, while Laura and Nic, both 11, have written about what being in isolation has been like for them. Here is what they have shared with us:

Michael aged 5 explains what lockdown means to him.

“We have to stay at home because of the virus. It’s home learning every day. I see my friends on Zoom, like daddy has his work meetings. I like being at home because I can play with my cat.”

Indie aged 14 talks about his experiences of lockdown.

“At first it was annoying, because all my friends are at school. But I have to stay at home, it’s not a choice. I’m sharing a room with my younger brother.”

“My school uses Google classrooms, it’s alright because they put videos to explain it. We can email teachers. Hopefully it doesn’t affect GCSEs next year.”

“Sometimes it worries me. Seeing people in masks, it’s a bit weird and people need to stop sitting in the park. There’s loads of people with picnic blankets and that’s not allowed.”

“I exercise on my bike and there was a bunch of police officers that passed me and one of them stopped and shouted at me for being selfish for being on my bike. It was embarrassing because there were other people watching.”

“I miss playing cricket and football, but I still talk to my friends but over the phone.”

Laura, aged 11, wrote about her feelings on schools closing:

I would just like to express my feelings on schools closing. Due to school closing I’m missing out on a huge chunk of education that can prepare me for secondary school and later life.

That makes me feel unprepared and not ready for the journey ahead.

Moreover, I will be missing out on end of year events, some I’ve been waiting for since nursery.

Despite doing the same subjects, I miss a sense of structure in my life. I miss socialising with my friends and laughing with them. Fortunately for me I am able to see them on FaceTime but not all children are lucky enough to be able to FaceTime their friends.

Although I do enjoy the time with my family, I miss my school life as well.

Nic, also aged 11, wrote about what she’s been up to, what she likes and doesn’t like and how her views have changed:

I first went into lockdown the Tuesday before schools closed. I felt happy because I didn’t have to do school stuff, but I hate learning from home because it’s boring and we have already done lots of it at school.

Some of the things I’ve been doing while I’ve been off school are watching the whole of Netflix and every tiktok that lives. I have learnt new skills like cooking, but I’m not keeping very active (right now I’m on spring break though).

I really wanted to do SATs because my whole time at primary school was leading up to that. I do miss things about school, like my friends, my teacher and my counsellor at school. The best things about the lockdown are I can eat as much as I want, I get to see my mum and dad and I can stay in bed longer.

The worst things about the lockdown are no friends, not having siblings so I’m lonely and having to hear my dog bark all day.

I’m getting on good with my parents I guess, but sometimes we argue. I’m staying in touch with my friends with texts, WhatsApp and FT (FaceTime). I am spending more time than normal on my phone and on screen-time.

I think schools should go back soon. If they do go back then I’ll be most excited about the Year Six Leavers Party!

Thank you to Michael, Indie, Laura and Nic (names changed) for sharing your experiences.

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