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We are speaking with children to find out their first hand experiences of the coronavirus lockdown. Below, we have spoken to Libby, 17 and Hannah, 15, about how they’re finding living in lockdown while being in foster care. Here is what they have shared with us:

Libby, aged 17, is living with her foster carers. She’s studying to be a paediatric nurse. Here’s what she told us about life in lockdown.

I’m still living with my foster family so I get that support. My foster siblings are much younger than me so I’m missing having teenagers around. I miss going to college and socialising.

For my college work, most of it is online, so lockdown is not affecting it too bad. My teachers at college been really good. We’ve been video chatting, group calling and Study Support have been emailing.

I’ve stayed in touch with friends on facetime. We watch shows together then go online to talk about it.

My social worker has been messaging quite a lot, asking if I’m OK. It’s hard because we normally see each other.

I was meant to have contact with my birth family on Sunday but it didn’t happen. We’ll reschedule but it’s not really bothering me because we can facetime.

I was working in Primark and saving all my money for driving lessons, but the lessons have been cancelled.

I’m not too worried about coronavirus; I watch the news so I have good idea what’s going on.

Hannah is 15  and in year 10. She lives with her foster family.

It’s a bit confusing because it happened so fast and came out of nowhere.

I’m doing school work at home, it’s been ok getting into a routine. It’s better doing it at home because you get more done.

We can email our teachers, they set the work and you can go at your own pace.

It’s not nice not being able to see your friends. I miss them but we’ve done lots of facetimes.

I feel I’ve spoken to my social worker enough.

I understand why we are staying in, but I’m not really sure what the future will be like.

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