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As the second day of COP28 begins in Dubai, attended by delegates from all over the world, I am excited to announce an exciting new resource for young people that will be launched next week! 

To mark COP28 and to help children connect their desire to help the environment with the skills necessary for a green career, I will be publishing a series of career profiles of professionals currently working in green careers each day. 

The career profiles will showcase the rich diversity of green careers available to young people and highlight the various routes that young people can take to reach a green career, as well as their advice for young people passionate about the environment. 

As part of The Big Ask, the largest-ever survey of children in England, which I ran last year, I asked children about their ambitions and their worries for the future. Children told me that they care deeply about the environment and feel responsible for the future of the planet: 

“…We need to save the planet and protect wildlife. More green jobs, homes are needed. Everything is for now not the next generation” – Boy, aged 9.  

Children of all ages also told me about their future green career plans and aspirations: 

“I think that opportunities for nature are too scarce, therefore jobs in nature are rare. I think these are the best jobs…“ – Boy, aged 12. 

“…[More] focus on outdoors – environmental work, engaging with nature, social skills, financial literacy, add more courses to widen career opportunities” – Girl, aged 16. 

Young people in England have a big opportunity to have their voice heard on issues they care about through The Big Ambition! The survey is currently open to all young people in England aged 6-18 and adults can respond on behalf of children of all ages. Take part and have your voice heard about the environment or any other issues that you care about  

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