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Children should feel safe to play and have fun in their communities, both online and offline, no matter where they live.

What children say about Communities

Children value shared spaces in their local community, where they can play and develop strong friendships and skills. However, after mental health, a lack of safe and fun places in their local area was the second biggest worry for children in the Big Ask, with 1 in 5 children concerned about this. As one teenage boy put it:

“I think there should be more clubs in my local area and interesting play areas” – Boy, 14.

Children also wrote about feeling intimidated in public spaces. Boys were more likely to express fears about physical violence. One boy told us:

“Roadmen, knife crime, drugs, everywhere hating teenagers, no-where safe to chill” – Boy, 16.

Whereas teenage girls wrote powerfully about their experiences of street harassment and of fearing sexual violence in public spaces. A girl said:

“Girls in uniform get catcalled by creeps. […] We deserve better!’’ – Girl, 16.

This generation also spend a large proportion of their childhoods online. Yet children told us that online spaces can also feel unsafe and can affect their wellbeing. As one girl put it:

“I think that we all spend so much time on social media, worrying about how many followers we have, that we don’t get enough time to just stop and do nothing, or go outside or spend more time with our families” – Girl, 12.

What progress we have made to deliver for children on the area of Communities

Online communities

Offline communities

The vision for children

Online communities

Offline communities

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