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Well done – you’ve made it to the end of term and during the hottest week of the year! I wanted to take this moment to reflect and congratulate everyone on all of their hard work this year. Students, teachers, social workers, parents and carers – you have all done such an amazing job to get back to life ‘as normal’ after the ups and downs of the pandemic. I have had the overwhelming privilege to get out and meet some of you to talk about friends, family, teachers, mental health, school – what’s keeping children in school and what’s preventing children from attending – and everything else that matters to you! It’s been great to get out there and see you all navigate challenging experiences and articulate the change you want to see in the world.

Now, it’s time to rest, have fun, relax and prepare for the start of next term – whatever that might look like for you!

I’m working as hard as possible to make sure that everything is in place this summer so that all children, wherever they are, feel confident and ready to go back to school in September. The system in place to support you and your family, from your school to your local council, and from health services to the government, must work to make sure that you have everything you need. I’ve spent this school year hearing from thousands of children about what they need to help them in school, now is the time for me to work to see those changes made.

Check out our Back Into School pages which have some amazing resources that can help parents, teachers, children and young people feel more confident for the return to school in September.

Finally – I want to say another huge well done for all the amazing things that everyone has achieved this year. I hope you enjoy your summer!

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