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In April 2021, I launched The Big Ask, the largest-ever survey of children in England, which gathered over 550,000 responses. Through The Big Ask, children told me how passionate they are about the environment, about their aspirations for a healthier planet and their concerns for the future of the natural world. As one child said:

“Climate change – the way our planet is changing at such a rapid rate I am scared that there won’t be the natural world left for us to enjoy in the future” – Girl, 17.

Yet, children across England are ambitious and told me about their plans to work in green careers such as ecology and green energy.

“…We need to save the planet and protect wildlife. More green jobs, homes are needed. Everything is for now not the next generation” – Boy, aged 9.

Next month, from 6th – 18th November, the 27th Conference of Parties (COP) is to be held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt and will be attended by approximately 30,000 delegates including representatives from nearly 200 countries. Leaders, scientists and speakers from across the world will come together to discuss environmental goals, such as the Paris Agreement, and create plans to tackle issues such as climate change.

Each day of the conference has a theme, including Biodiversity Day, Energy Day and importantly, Youth and Future Generations Day on November 10th. On this day, the conference will hear from young representatives, host discussions with policy makers and showcase success stories from young people around the world.

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