5th August 2022

Fun Activities for the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are a great time to relax and have fun after the busy school year. Here are some ideas for activities that you can do with your friends and family this summer – from learning new skills, to exploring your local area. 


In The Big Ask, children told us how much they care about the environment. This summer, there are a range of activities you can carry out to explore the environment in your local area: 

  • Use recycled materials from your house to make a bird feeder. Hang this on your window or in your garden and count the different bird species that visit your feeder!  
  • Go on a nature walk in your local area and count how many different animals you see – from bumble bees and squirrels, to foxes and hedgehogs.  


The summer is a great time to try a new outdoor activity, or play your favourite sport with friends:  

  • Enjoy keeping active during the nice weather this summer by completing the Youth Sport Trust’s 60 second activity challenge! You can do this on your own, or by playing sports with your friends at the park or in your local leisure centre. 


It was clear from their responses to The Big Ask that children of all ages enjoy playing with their friends and family. Here’s some ideas for how you can play in new ways this summer:  

  • Take part in events in your local area for Playday – the national day for play – on 3 August 
  • Have a toy swap with with your friends or classmates this summer, to try a new game or enjoy a new toy 


Even though school is finished for the term, the summer is a great opportunity to learn new things and visit new places: