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The measurement of vulnerability of children and young people in England

The Children’s Commissioner’s Office (CCO) wishes to commission research and analysis on children in England that are experiencing a range of forms of vulnerability or additional need. This research will take the form of three separate lots which inform one another. We will consider bids from the same potential supplier on projects one and two.

The three projects are separate and distinct but will all operate within the same general terms and framework and there will be interaction between the projects. Project one requires analysis across all of the 40 (approx.) vulnerable groups. Projects two and three do not require analysis across all groups. Projects two and three will consider the feasibility of new analysis of cohort data or known admin data or other data available to them. Projects will have access to new data made available to the CCO and the capacity to analyse data gathered on specific areas of the country that choose to participate in this programme, or in a small number of cases where the Commissioner uses powers of data collection to request data. The CCO is seeking collaboration with Government Departments, local Councils, the VCS and others who may provide additional data within the life of these projects.

Industry: Research and Development

Location: Any region

Value: £60k (including all expenses and VAT)

Contract start date: 13 November 2017

Contract end date: 01 May 2018

How to Apply

Please apply directly using the contact details provided below.


Submissions by noon on 27 October 2017.

Interviews will be held during the week commencing Monday 6 November 2017