Why children's rights matter

Children’s rights are important – they protect children from harm and make sure that they get support and help, so that they can grow, develop and be happy! We want children and young people to know and understand their rights, and hope the films on this page will help.

We created them along with a group of children and young people aged 8-18 years. Thank you to Kieran, Billie, Munirat, Natasha, Savannah, Tanya, Matthew, Spencer, Rebekah, Youssef, Asha, Stan, Fran, Cat, Mo and Adam for all their hard work. 

You can watch the film stories below

If you are worried by anything in the films, there is information about where to go for help at the end of each one. 

Once you’ve watched the films, why not complete the quiz and learn a bit more about children’s rights.

""Stephen’s story

Stephen has cerebral palsy, and is frustrated that he doesn’t have the help and support he needs to join in with everyday activities. Watch the video of Stephen's story >


""John’s story 

John has grown up in the care system, and more recently has been in prison after getting into trouble. He feels he doesn’t have anyone looking out for him, and doesn’t know where to turn for support. Watch the video of John's story >


""Dani’s story 

Dani struggles with her mental health and is concerned about having to move to another mental health unit a long way from home, along with other changes to the support services she receives. Watch the video of Dani's story > 


""Jamila’s story 

Jamila is 15 and has a young baby. She has no family in England to support her, and is worried and scared about the future – she doesn’t know who to ask for help. 
Watch the video of Jamila's story > 


""Dan’s story 

Dan is 10 years old, and his family have been struggling financially since his dad lost his job. He is worried about their circumstances and the future, and doesn’t want to upset his parents by saying anything. Watch the video of Dan's story > 


""Jodie’s story

Jodie feels uncomfortable about her mum’s boyfriend acting inappropriately towards her, and doesn’t know who to ask for help. Watch the video of Jodie's story >


If you've watched the videos, why not have a go at this short quiz to test your knowledge of children's rights and the UNCRC, and see how it relates to the stories.