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Ravenswood Primary School talk about staying safe online

Child 1 - Welcome to your website about keeping safe online. Come on in...
[looks to left and right and is joined by two more children]

Child 2 and Child 3 together - ...And we'll show you around.

Child 4 - How do you stay safe online?

Child 5 - Have your parents ever warned you about the dangers of chat rooms?

Child 6 - Have you ever met someone online pretending to be young like you?

Child 5 - Well, this room will help you to stay safe online.

Child 7 - Playing outside and meeting strangers is the same as playing online because you can meet strangers there as well.

[Three young girls play on a low bridge near some buildings. A strange man approaches and tries to grab them. Two of the girls run away. The third does not notice the man at first. He touches her back and she looks up, yells and runs away]

Child 1 - Thank you for visiting this room. We hope you come again. Spread the news...and remember...

Child 2 and Child 3 together [pointing to the camera] - Stay safe online!

  • What is your top tip for staying safe online?
  • What dangers have you faced online?

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Tip: Protect your privacy. Never let anyone have access to your passwords. Check the privacy settings on your accounts, and make sure you know how to keep your personal information private.

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