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Introducing the Buzz Off campaign room

Young Person 1 - We're from the buzz off campaign and we want to get rid of the mosquito alarm.

Young Person 2 - It's a high-pitched, irritating, continuous noise.

Young Person 3 - And it hurts your ears for ages.

Young Person 4 - It affects people under the age of 25.

Young Person 1  - They're designed to cause pain and discomfort to your ears, the can give you headaches, so that it causes young people to move along.

Lisa White, Director of Communications, 11 MILLION - They target people under 25, which isn't fair, and it moves them on and people say it's to tackle anti-social behaviour but it doesn't.

Young Person 6 - Moves the problem again.

Young Person 7 - (asking question to another) So, do you think the mosquito alarm is a good way to tackle anti-social behaviour?

Young Person 8 - No!

Young Person 9 - It makes us feel like second-class citizens.

Young Person 10 - It targets future customers.

Young Person 11 - It discriminates (against) teenagers.

Adult woman - No, it simply moves the problem along so it's still discriminatory and it moves the problem to another area.

Sir Al Aysley-Green, Children's Commissioner for England (to young interviewer) - I think it's blatant discrimination against children.

Adult woman - Discrimination!

Les Smith, PA to Sir Al Aysley-Green, Children's Commissioner for England - Why children and not adults?

Young Person 12  - I've been involved with the Buzz Off campaign to help ban these mosquito alarms that are being issued around the country.

Young Person 1 - It's about getting rid of mosquito alarms because of what they stand for.

Sir Al  (to young interviewer) - I think that this mosquito is a wake-up call when we expose it to the country. I want to ask adults seriously: why are we allowing this?

Young person 13 - Buzz off!

Young person 9 - www.buzzoffcampaign.com

  • What do you think about Mosquito Devices?
  • Who is using these devices?
  • How would you deal with anti-social behaviour?
  • Do you think mosquito devices discriminate against you on the basis of your age?