House rulesHouse rules

  1. To have your say on this website, you need to be 18 years old or under (or 21 years old if you are in care).
  2. Stay safe - don't include any personal information. This includes your surname, email address, street address and phone number.
  3. Don't include the personal details of anyone else (including parents, guardians, teachers, social workers or group leaders).
  4. Don't go off topic - keep your submissions relevant to the room you're posting to.
  5. Don't post crude, racist, offensive, violent or vulgar photos, shapes, presentations, text or videos to the site.
  6. Treat everyone with respect - even if someone has a different view to your own, don't let it get personal.
  7. Don't glamorise illegal or dangerous activities - it's OK to talk about your experiences, but don't encourage others to follow your example.
  8. Don't write defamatory or libellous comments about anyone (including parents, guardians, teachers, social workers, group leaders and famous people).
  9. This isn't a dating site - the site gives you the chance to talk about your views and experiences on important issues; don't use it to meet or flirt with other people.
  10.  Don't write everything in CAPS - it's the equivalent of shouting and isn't polite or easy for everyone to read.
  11.  Don't post entire messages in text speak - it's OK to shorten some words but not everyone understands text speak or finds it quick to read.
  12.  Don't post links to other websites - there's no way of controlling what these sites contain.
  13.  Don't post images that contain other people without their permission - everyone has the right to say whether or not they want their photo to be displayed.
  14.  Don't break copyright rules. This means:

    You shouldn't use music in your videos without the permission of the artist (for example: don't use a Sugababes song - because you won't have permission to)

    You shouldn't include images that you haven't taken yourself (e.g. don't include a photo of a supermodel - because you didn't take it)

    You shouldn't include clips from TV programmes or movies (e.g. don't put a clip of EastEnders in your own film)