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In this section you can find information and advice on a variety of different issues such as mental health, online safety, bullying and much more. If your question isn't related to one of the topics listed, you can search for specific information using the Ask search box at the end of this page, or ask us a question via this online form.

We also have an advice service and helpline for children in care or receiving social care services.

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What does asylum mean?

Asylum is the protection given by a country’s government to someone who has left their own country to escape serious harm that they are afraid of...

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What is a migrant?

A migrant is someone who moves from one country to another country, usually for a long term or permanent reason such as work or joining family.

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What is a refugee?

A refugee is someone who is outside of their own country because they have a fear of being seriously harmed there because of their race, religious...

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For some subjects you might want to contact one of the following:

  • Childline

    Call 0800 1111

  • Our helpline for children in care

    Call 0800 528 0731

  • Children’s Rights Alliance England

    Call 08088 020 008