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Sexual exploitation interim report is key part of Children's Commissioner's plans for 2012-13

4 April 2012

Maggie Atkinson, the Children's Commissioner for England, has today announced that the interim report for the major two year Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups (CSEGG) will be published in the autumn.

The CSEGG Inquiry interim report will shed light on the scale, scope, extent and nature of the problem across England. Year two of the Inquiry will immediately follow to find out the remedial action needed to identify, protect, and prevent the abuse of children in this context.

This work is part of the comprehensive programme to be undertaken by the Office of the Children's Commissioner (OCC) during the coming year. Published today the OCC Business Plan 2012-13 will follow up on the recommendations from the Commissioner's School Exclusions Inquiry, which concluded in March. Further research will centre on the extent of illegal exclusions and the inequalities surrounding exclusion rates. 

The OCC will also investigate Government measures to tackle child poverty to determine whether they met children's right to an adequate standard of living. This area of work will highlight the lived experience of disabled children in poverty and the impact household income has on material living and their well-being.

Published alongside the Business Plan 2012-13 is the organisation's two-year Strategic Plan and the OCC will soon publish its first equalities evidence document to demonstrate the organisation's commitment to meeting its responsibilities under the Public Sector Equality Duty.

Maggie Atkinson, Children's Commissioner for England, said:

"We have planned a rich programme of work during 2012-13 to make full use of our statutory powers to best promote and protect children's rights and improve their life chances, particularly those most marginalised.

"Our CSEGG Inquiry interim report will contain the findings from our first year's work gathering evidence across the country and will provide the much needed context to support a second year of work.  We also want to see the recommendations from our School Exclusions Inquiry acted on to ensure further improvements in provision for children at risk of exclusion.

"All our work is rights-based and will highlight good practice wherever we find it. This makes us well placed to challenge when we then find children's rights are being violated or threatened. We will continue to strive for improvement so that all our children and young people are able to thrive.

"Within the Plans and deeply embedded in everything that we do is our enduring promise to children and young people that we will promote and protect their rights, in a climate of mutual respect and responsibility."

Notes to Editors:

1. You can download the OCC Business Plan 2012-13 here and the OCC two-year Strategic Plan is available here

2.  The Office of the Children's Commissioner is a national organisation led by the Children's Commissioner for England, Dr Maggie Atkinson. The post of Children's Commissioner for England was established by the Children Act 2004. It requires us to refer to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) when planning and carrying out our work. The Children's Commissioner has a duty to promote the views and interests of all children in England, in particular those whose voices are least likely to be heard, to the people who make decisions about their lives.

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