• 30 March 2015

    Now is the #righttime to be thinking about how we can make life better for children and young people

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    It's a month since I became the Children's Commissioner for England. In the first few weeks I've set out my immediate priorities - both in this blog and in speeches and media...
  • 25 March 2015

    Guest Blog from Dawn Rees, Principal Policy Adviser: Future in Mind

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    Last week, the Mental Health Task Force published its long-awaited report Future in Mind: Promoting, protecting and improving children and young people's mental health and...
  • 23 March 2015

    Anne Longfield: Six key priorities for after the general election: What should a new government do for children and young people?

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    Over the past few weeks I have been laying out my immediate concerns as Children's Commissioner: poverty; children in care; PSHE and child sexual...
  • 13 March 2015

    Anne Longfield: Why is PSHE so important?

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    This week Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of State for Education, has been talking about PSHE.

  • 6 March 2015

    Anne Longfield: My first week as Children's Commissioner and my immediate priorities

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    It's the end of my first week as Children's Commissioner for England and what a fantastic week it has been!

  • 25 February 2015

    Maggie's final blog: Goodbye, thank you, keep up the good work!

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    Well, here we are then: this is me saying goodbye; thank you; keep up the good work; learn about the UN Convention and why it matters to your work; listen to and act on the wisdom of children and...
  • 10 February 2015

    Guest blog from Graham Ritchie, Principal Policy Adviser for Child Sexual Abuse, for Safer Internet Day 2015

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    Over the past few years, the distinction between ‘online' and ‘offline' has become less and less helpful for understanding the way in which children live their lives. Interactions...
  • 19 December 2014

    Guest blog from Dawn Rees, Principal Policy Adviser for Health: "Police cells must never be an option for children and young people"

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    The Government has announced that children and young people under the age of 18 should not be held in police cells as places of safety if they are detained under Section 135 or Section 136 of the...
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