Meet our staff

Anne Longfield, Children's Commissioner for England

Anne Longfield OBE has a legal duty to promote and protect the rights of all children in England with a particular focus on children and young people living away from home, in or leaving care, or receiving social care services. She is working to make lives better for all children and young people across England.

Find out more about her role as Children's Commissioner here.

Anne is supported by a team of staff including the Senior Management Team, Participation Team and Policy Team.




Senior Management Team


Anna Henry, Director of Policy

Anna leads the policy directorate. This covers lots of different areas of work, from the care and assistance we give to children and young people to producing reports that can lead to laws being changed or services being improved.






Oliver Berman, Director of Communications and External Events

Oliver leads the communications team, and is responsible for engaging with and involving children and young people in our work.

The team manages the Children's Commissioner's main communications channels including media relations, website, social media and the production of publications, as well as organising external events.





Leon Feinstein, Director of Evidence

Leon leads the Evidence team to use the Children's Commissioner's statutory data collection powers to investigate and improve understanding of the lives of vulnerable children and identify what help and support is needed.